Lift Truck Steel Jack

Hydraulic Jack - Load Capacity 7,000KG

Product Code: 100767

Lifting and repairing your lift truck goes faster and safer with these hydraulic forklift truck jacks. They are made of steel for long lasting durability. The jack is easy to use and operate so that you can carry out repairs in an efficient manner. The jacks are equipped with an adjustable lifting surface to provide the best possible grip on your machine. To work safely on the machine, you should always use stands or blocks to secure the machine after lifting it.


Warranty: 1 year

Type: forklift jack

Lifting capacity (kg): 7000

Minimum lifting height (mm): 65

Maximum lifting height (mm): 420

Width of the base (mm): 250

Length of the base (mm): 730

Material: steel

Weight (kg): 47