Drum Stacker

Load Capacity 400kg - Double-Action Hydraulic Pump

Product Code: 100726

A drum stacker is the perfect solution to transport heavy drums or barrels.

They are capable of lifting, transporting, and tilting drums up to 200 litres. The tilt function ensures easy emptying with minimal physical effort. Even lifting goes fluently thanks to the foot pedal.


Warranty: 1 year

Load Capacity (kg): 400

Type of lifting mechanism: Double-Action Hydraulic Pump

120 degree tilting function

Lifting height (mm): 1350

Minimum height (mm): 1960

Maximum height (mm): 1960

Total width of the stacker (mm): 806

Total length of the stacker (mm): 1325

Material of the wheels: Polyurethane

Weight (kg): 190

Made of steel