Scissor Hand Pallet Truck

Stainless Steel - Load Capacity 1000kg

Product Code: 100771

Working in the food or pharmaceutical industry or a humid environment? Lift your load to a comfortable working height with our stainless steel scissor pallet trucks which meet all health requirements. A Stainless Steel truck like this has the advantage of working in these humid cold & wet environments without rusting. This means the truck will work for a much longer amount of time than a standard steel pallet truck.

This is truck is the perfect tool for lifting goods higher than standard truck.

We offer other a full range of scissor trucks with higher load capacities. Please call our sales team for more information so we can help you with all your needs.


Warranty: 1 year

Material of truck: 100% stainless steel

Type of control: Manual

Load capacity (kg): 1000

Minimum height (mm): 85

Maximum height (mm): 1670

Lifting height (mm): 800

Type of pump: Quick Lift

Length of the forks (mm): 1200

Width across the forks (mm): 560

Type of brake: no brake

Number of fork wheels: 2

Material of the fork wheels: nylon

Material of the steering wheel: polyurethane

Material of the pump: stainless steel (welded)

We can offer different compounds of wheels and footbrakes please call for more information