Lifting Tug - Pulling Power 2500kg

Load Capacity 1250kg

Product Code: 101100

This is the appropriate electric tug to move carts or racks of up to 1250kg. It is a lower model than the standard versions and is equipped with a hydraulically operated towing hook allowing for easy transport of carts and low trolleys.

The tug lifts one side of the cart off the ground in order to get the cart moving. This means that this device is extremely suitable for carts with wheels on one side only. In addition, the high manoeuvrability allows for easy transport, even in confined spaces.

This model comes with a removable lithium battery.

Warranty 1 year
Pulling power (kg) 2500
Load capacity (kg) 1250
Minimum working height of the tiller arm (mm) 750
Maximum working height of the tiller arm (mm) 1150
Total length (mm) 958
Total width (mm) 478
Folded height of the electric tug (mm) 800
Type of motor DC motor
Power of the motor (W) 600
Voltage of the motor 24V
Material of wheels solid
Material of frame steel
Finishing electrolytically galvanised and powder-coated
Brake yes
Type of battery removable lithium battery
Voltage of battery 24V
Capacity of battery (Ah) 22
Battery charger present yes external
Weight including battery (kg) 154
  • Low model to drive under carts and containers

  • High manoeuvrability for easy transport

  • Transforms heavy physical labour into a lightweight task

  • Freely programmable speed and acceleration based on your own needs

  • Especially used in the airport industry

  • Standard equipped with basic module (mount for hook), battery charger and battery discharge indicator

    Available on request

  • Horn

  • Ignition key

  • Remote control