560mm x 1150mm -1500kg Capacity

Semi-Electric Pallet Truck With Weighing Scales

Product Code: 100748

This semi-electric mobile weighing system enables simultaneous transporting, lifting, and weighing.

In addition to all features of a standard pallet truck, you require less effort to move the pallet truck as it is electrically driven. No more driving back and forth to a fixed floor scale with every pallet or container; mobile weighing is a highly efficient way to improve your logistics and production process.

When you opt for this model you are choosing a truck with a long operating life span, easy and quick to recharge and friendly operating system.

Warranty 1 year
Type of control semi-electrical
Weighing load capacity (kg) 1500
Maximum lifting height (mm) 200
Minimum lifting height (mm) 90
Length of the forks (mm) 1150
Width across the forks (mm) 560
Maximum height of the pallet truck (mm) 1240
Graduation multi-range 0.5kg up to 500kg, 1kg from 500 up to max 1500kg
Accuracy 0.1% of lifted load
Number of wheels 4
Material of wheels polyurethane
Material of pallet truck steel
Material of the steering wheel polyurethane
Material of the pump galvanised steel (casted)
Type of battery 24V
Capacity of battery (Ah) 30
Drive motor (kw) 0.65
Battery rechargeable yes
Bluetooth integration for smartphone yes
  • Automatic and manual zero correction
  • Gross/net weighing

  • Standard indicator 3200

  • Automatic and manual tare entry

  • Totally with sequence number

  • Code entry (5 digits)

  • Port for connection with printer

  • Bluetooth 4.0 for WeightsApp

  • Internal clock for date and time

  • Error messages on display

  • Protection class ensures water resistance

  • European quality

    Available on request

  • Indicator 5200 with piece-counting functionality

  • Thermal or matrix 12 V printer

  • Bluetooth or Wifi data transfer

  • RDC, Data Collector Software

  • Reference scale (for more accurate piece-counting)