Garage Jack

Steel - Load Capacity 10,000kg

Product Code: 100778

The garage jack is a heavy-duty trolley jack specially designed for use in professional garages and workshops. The sturdy wheels, length of the chassis and strong steel construction make this jack a reliable and safe product.

In addition to the long handle equipped with an ergonomic handgrip, you can also use the foot pump to lift faster. Thanks to this double pumping system, your job is done in no time while your safety is guaranteed thanks to the safety valve.

To work safely on the machine, you should always use stands or blocks to secure the machine after lifting it.


Warranty: 1 year

Capacity (kg): 10000

Min lifting height head (mm): 160

Max lifting height head (mm): 400

Width of the base (mm): 580

Length of the base (mm): 1660

Material: steel

Weight (kg): 146