Machine Jack

Steel - Load Capacity 25,000kg

Product Code: 100781

When repairs must be carried out to the underside of the machine, you need sufficient space to reach the required working zone. That’s why we recommend our machine jacks to lift up your machine. Because of their robust steel structure, they are exceptionally suitable for daily heavy-duty use and heavy work activities. The long, twist grip handle is ideal for controlled lowering and large steel wheels give you ultimate stability. Your safety is guaranteed thanks to the safety valve.

To work safely on the machine, you should always use stands or blocks to secure the machine after lifting it.


Warranty: 1 year

Lifting Capacity (kg): 25000

Minimum lifting height foot (mm): 55

Maximum lifting height foot (mm): 280

Minimum lifting height head (mm): 515

Maximum lifting height head (mm): 735

Width of the base (mm): 210

Length of the base (mm): 325

Material: steel

Weight (kg): 102