• 50mm Thickness 50mm Thickness
  • 100mm Thickness 100mm Thickness

Support Blocks

Thickness 50mm/100mm - Load Capacity 50 Tonne

Product Code: 100789 / 90

Support blocks allow you to support or stabilise your machine or another heavy load.

They are made of high-strength yet extremely lightweight material, which makes them practically unbreakable and scratch, cut and abrasion resistant. You can be sure of a secure position thanks to a double-sided slip-resistant rubber coating. The anti-skid layer ensures a reliable and stable base for maintenance work. They are non-absorbing which means they won’t rot or get mouldy and are easy to clean.


Warranty: 1 year

Capacity (ton): 50

Total length (mm): 350

Total width (mm): 145

Thickness (mm): 50 / 100

Weight (kg): 2.8 / 4.8

Coating: oil resistant rubber

Antiskid: yes

100% recyclable