Set Of 10 Support Blocks

Load Capacity 100 Tonnes

Product Code: 100791

Do you still use timber blocks that can split, rot or crack? Choose a safer way to working! This set of support blocks was developed to secure and support forklift trucks during maintenance.

They are used primarily to support lift trucks, but they can also be used for cars, trailers, caravans or other heavy vehicles and machinery.

The lightweight blocks have been tested and certified up to 100 tonnes, ensuring your safety during work. They come supplied in 2 stacks of 250mm, meaning the machinery is in balance and can used at variable heights.


Warranty: 1 year

Capacity (ton): 100

Each set contains 10 pieces:

-2 base blocks

-2 top blocks

-6 interconnecting blocks

Each block is 50mm thick x 245mm long x 130mm wide

For your safety:

Use maximum 5 blocks for 1 stack

The shop floor must be dry and clean, to prevent the block from slipping

The base block always needs to be placed on the floor and the top block underneath the lift truck