Fully Electric Pallet Truck - P12

Load Capacity 1200kg

Product Code: 100750

These pallet trucks are a fully electric driving and lifting model. Simple & easy to use they require no manual pumping or moving with the truck operated by a few buttons. The truck is the size of a regular pallet truck making it agile and able to use down narrow passes. Easy to maintain the truck does not require much attention & has an energy saving environmentally friendly design.

Top of the range, the P12 powered pallet truck is the best electric truck we offer.

We offer other fully electric pallet trucks with higher load capacities. Please call our sales team for more information so we can help you with all your needs.


Warranty: 1 year

Type of Control: Fully Electric

Load capacity (kg): 1200

Lift Height (mm): 115

Total Length (mm): 1540

Width across forks (mm): 560

Length of Forks (mm): 1150

Material of the steering wheel: polyurethane

Number of fork wheels: 4

Material of the fork wheels: polyurethane

Type of Pump: Electrical

Type of battery: Lithium

Capacity of the semi traction battery (Ah): 20

Battery Rechargeable: Yes

Battery Voltage: 24V