Semi-Electric Pallet Truck With Weighing System

Weighing Capacity 1500kg

Product Code: 100748

This semi-electric mobile weighing system enables simultaneous transporting, lifting, and weighing. In addition to all features of a standard pallet truck, you require less effort to move the pallet truck as it is electrically driven. No more driving back and forth to a fixed floor scale with every pallet or container; mobile weighing is a highly efficient way to improve your logistics and production process.

When you opt for this model you are choosing a truck with a long operating life span, easy and quick to recharge and friendly operating system.


Warranty: 1 year

Type of Control: Semi Electrical

Weighing Load capacity (kg): 1500

Maximum Lifting Height (mm): 200

Minimum Lifting Height (mm): 90

Length of the forks (mm): 1150

Width across the forks (mm): 560

Maximum Height of the pallet truck (mm): 1240

Graduation multi-range: 0.5kg up to 500kg, 1kg from 500 up to max 1500kg

Accuracy: 0.1% of lifted load

Number of Wheels : 4

Material of Wheels: polyurethane

Material of Pallet Truck: steel

Material of the steering wheel: polyurethane

Material of the pump: galvanized steel (casted)

Type of Battery: 24V

Capacity of Battery (Ah): 30

Drive Motor (kw): 0.65

Battery Rechargeable: yes

Bluetooth integration for smartphone: yes