Manual Semi-Stainless Steel Lift Table

Load Capacity 100kg

Product Code: 100730

Moving goods doesn’t have to be a difficult task, Handle loads easier with a practical lift table. It is the perfect ergonomic solution to lift any load up to 3000 kg..

If you work in a humid environment or in the food industry then our high quality stainless steel lift tables are the perfect fit for you. These stainless steel tables are designed to operate in difficult environments and not rust, buckle or brake.


Warranty: 1 year

Load Capacity (kg) : 100

Maximum Height (mm) : 1220

Minimum Height (mm) : 250

Total Length of the Lifting Table (mm) : 1050

Length of the Platform (mm) : 700

Width of the Platform (mm) : 445

Material of the Lifting Table : semi-stainless steel

Material of scissors and pump: galvanised steel

Weight (kg) : 59

Other lift tables also available with higher load capacities and lifting heights. Contact our sales team for more information