Manual Hand Pallet Truck

Short Length 800mm

Product Code: 100707

These manual pallet trucks are lightweight, manoeuvrable and have a small turning radius which makes them easy to operate. They are supplied with extremely strong nylon wheels, polyurethane wheels or smooth-running rubber wheels. Most pallet trucks in this range are equipped with nose wheels, located on the front edge of each fork to assist in clean pallet entry and exit.

These models have a simple and reliable hydraulic system with built-in automatic neutral position valve. They are equipped with sturdy, rounded forks and a strong tiller arm. Furthermore, the ergonomically correct shape of the steering handle makes transporting comfortable.


Warranty: 1 year

Load capacity (kg): 2500

Type of pump: standard

Length of the forks (mm): 800

Width across the forks (mm): 540

Minimum height (mm): 80

Lifting height (mm): 200

Number of fork wheels: 4

Material of the steering wheel: rubber

Material of the fork wheels: polyurethane

Material of the pallet truck: steel

Material of the pump: cold galvanised steel (cast)

For different wheel options please contact our sales team.