All-terrain Pallet Truck

Steel - Load Capacity 1200kg

Product Code: 100721

Does your unpaved surface not allow you to use a standard pallet truck? Then switch to an all-terrain pallet truck that provides the same functions; transporting and lifting pallets up to 1200kg. Especially designed for the building and construction industries.

This model has 4 pneumatic tyres that are ideal to move your load across dirt or other places where the ground is uneven, on sand, stones ...


Warranty: 1 year

Type of pallet truck: All-terrain

Load capacity (kg): 1200

Minimum height (mm): 78

Lifting Height (mm): 250

Length of the forks (mm): 860

Width across the forks (mm): 715

Type of pump: standard

Number of fork wheels: 2

Material of the steering wheel: rubber

Material of the truck: steel