Manual Quarter Pallet Truck

Steel - Load Capacity 300kg

Product Code: 100720

A simple pallet truck, also known as a display pallet truck, allows you to easily move and lift quarter pallets. Quarter pallets are one quarter of the size of a regular 120-by-80 cm European pallet and are widely used This pallet trucks is very popular in supermarkets, petrol stations and other places where replenishing racks is an important activity. Its compact size makes the pallet truck highly manoeuvrable, which reduces the required working space.


Warranty: 1 year

Type of pallet truck: quarter pallet truck

Load capacity (kg): 300

Length of the fork (mm): 605

Width across the fork (mm): 200

Minimum height (mm): 87

Lifting height (mm): 310

Type of pump: standard

Number of fork wheels: 2

Material of the fork wheels: polyurethane

Material of the steering wheel: polyurethane

Material of the pallet truck: steel

Material of the pump: painted steel (cast)