250kg Capacity - 890mm Lift Height

Semi-Stainless Steel Lift Table

Product Code: 100798

Do you work in a humid environment or in the food industry?

Our high-quality stainless steel lift tables are the perfect fit for you to work in extremely low or high temperatures or wet conditions. Minimise the effort you need to lift and lower heavy loads and opt for an ergonomic way of working.

Warranty 1 year
Load capacity (kg) 250
Maximum height (mm) 890
Minimum height (mm) 290
Length of platform (mm) 815
Width of platform (mm) 500
Material of lifting table semi-stainless steel
Material of scissors and pump galvanised steel
Weight (kg) 69
  • Great resistance against low and high temperatures (-38 degrees celsius up to 40 degrees celsius) making these models suitable for the food and chemical industry.

  • Corrosion-resistant so ideal to use in wet conditions

  • With foot brake for a quick stop response

  • No back problems because you always work at an ergonomic height

  • Only one tool needed to transport and lift your goods, this means no extra costs for other equipment

  • With foot pedal for easy lifting